Saturday, November 19, 2016

Some Extra Resources

Here are some extra study resources to help with your meditation on the revelation of righteousness.

First, this free bible school course.  It is called "Your liberty in Christ". You will have to sign up for it and you will get an email link to the course. This is where I would start. This is the course that got me started on learning who I really am.

Your Liberty In Christ

Second, this book: Two Kinds of Righteousness on Amazon is an excellent understanding of this topic.

The following link is to the first session of a teacher who is speaking on this topic. I encourage you to go through all of the sessions
Righteous in Christ session 1

And this is from when he taught on it later
The Effects of Righteousness part 1

This is from Kenneth Copeland on the same subject. On youtube, but audio only.
righteousness consciousness